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To make cheap calls to Malta from your landline, dial one of the access numbers below in front of the phone number you wish to call.

There is no need to open an account with the cheap calls providers listed below. These access numbers (aka. just dial, simply dial or Pre-Dial numbers) are ones you can dial from BT landlines. You will be charged by BT for the call.

Just dial the access number and follow the voice instructions. You will be asked to enter your destination number in Malta. Please note the call charge per minute starts the moment you're connected and hear the voice prompt. If the call can't be completed successfully because the called party is engaged or out, you will be billed for the time spent on the access number (usually less than 1 minute).

Access numbers to call Malta landlines
(updated: 30/03/2015)

Access Number Provider Rate
0844 862 6589 Budget Calls 1p
0844 862 6878 Cheap Calls Best rated 1p
0844 862 6358 TalkCheap 1p
0844 862 6958 LowCalls 1p
0844 861 5959 Best Minutes 1.02p
0844 462 3535 Discount Dial 2.04p
0844 988 5345 instacall New provider 3p
0844 439 6262 Telestunt 3.06p
0844 439 2323 Phone Cheap 3.06p
0844 566 4566 Dialaround 5.11p
0844 566 6868 Dialwise 5.11p
0844 566 5151 Telesavers 5.11p
0871 759 8020 AbroadCall 6.13p
0871 551 4141 Budgetcom 8.17p

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prices shown are in pence per minute when dialled from a BT landline. If you are dialling from your mobile, or from a different phone provider you could be surcharged by your operator. This depends on your operator and on the tariff plan you are on. Get in touch with your phone company to double check if they surcharge on phone calls made to these numbers.

This database is for information purpose only, It's maintained by using data supplied by the phone companies. We make every effort to report correct information. Please make sure you know the exact price for the call before making it by contacting the provider directly, we supplied links to the dialthrough sites so you can check prices yourself.