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This page shows information about 18185 which is a cheap calls provider in UK. You select your destination below to see the best and lowest rate in UK for calling that country.

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Where are users calling?

India 0.50p
South Africa 0.50p
USA 0.50p
Pakistan 3p
Algeria 3p
Iraq 4p
Australia 0.50p
Germany 0.50p
Iran 3.06p
Sri Lanka 6.13p
Kenya 4p
Bulgaria 1p
Russia 0.50p
France 0.50p
Saudi Arabia 4p
Turkey 1p
Jordan 4p
Bangladesh 1p
Spain 0.50p
Israel 0.50p
Italy 0.50p
Egypt 2.50p
Canada 0.50p
Poland 0.50p
Greece 0.50p
Updated: 28th May 2015