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Where can I find the BT price list and why do you list 13.01p per minute as 13p per minute?

you can find the full BT price list on their site. Choose residential and then Specialised Numbers. Some dial through providers round down per minute cost at exactly 0.01 penny (a penny divided by 100). For example, the numbers prefixed with 091192 are published by the dial through providers as 13p per minute, however you will be billed by BT at 13.01p per minute, we feel this exception is OK, since this round down is really negligible, makes reading easier and is used by all the providers.

So as long as it's 0.01p per minute, we turn a blind eye. But if it's more than that, we will simply let the provider know about it and not post the number in question.

How much is national rate at different day times?

Numbers starting with 0870 are charged at national rate, which for BT customers is priced as follows:

  • 7.91p per minute Monday to Friday 6am to 6pm
  • 3.95p per minute Monday to Friday 6pm to 6am
  • 1.50p per minute Saturday Sunday all day

We always show the national rate priced according to the time of day at which you loaded the country page. Please note you are always charged by the minute according to the time of day. If you start a call at the off peak period and continue to talk into the peak (after 8am) you will be charged 7.51p per minute. Also note you usually can't use national rate 0870 numbers to call international destinations on weekends (at the 1.50p price band). The providers of such numbers will usually supply an alternative number (a more expensive one) for the weekends. So check the relevant page during the weekend if you need this access number.

What's your relation to Just-Dial ?

We get a small commission from them for each call you make using their numbers. You however pay whatever is shown in the price same as with all the other providers. Please use these numbers if it's economical and makes sense for your specific call, as it will help us to improve our site and get more funds and resources to make all your calls cheaper ;-)

Who are we ?

After receiving more than 300 pounds bill from BT for the first month of international calls, I started searching for lower cost alternatives. I discovered the dialthrough companies, which cut prices by sometimes over 90% on BT list prices. I thought it might be a good idea to have a database of access numbers and prices so everyone can easily check for the best prices.

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