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Since 2004, the Niftylist compares more than 30 cheap international call providers in the UK and update the rates tables daily. To see how you can make cheap international calls, select the country you wish to call below to compare the latest rates.

The rates on our website are the service charges from the providers to call to the destinations. Your provider will charge you access charges above these service charges. To know how much, you have to ask your provider. It depends on your provider, calling from landline or mobile, your number plan etc.

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Where are users calling?

India 3p
South Africa 10p
USA 2p
Algeria 5p
Pakistan 3p
Iraq 10p
Australia 2p
Germany 3p
Iran 15p
Russia 6p
Kenya 9p
Sri Lanka 15p
France 2p
Turkey 3p
Bulgaria 6p
Saudi Arabia 9p
Spain 4p
Jordan 15p
Israel 2p
Bangladesh 2p
Italy 1p
Egypt 6p
Greece 2p
Canada 2p
Poland 2p
Updated: 11th August 2022


With this service you can make a conference call with your (international) relatives for just 5 p/min!